Meet Eddie Elka. He lives in Elkaville, where his garbage bag buddies service thousands of Australian businesses.  They're a little bit different from the rest because they're made of 100% virgin materials.  This means they all come out the box brand new, extra tough, and ready to work! 

If you’re a busy homemaker in a big home with tight corners, cleaning would be very difficult. While a canister vacuum cleaner can get the job done, it is difficult to carry around – especially up the stairs. This problem was realised by companies and thus backpack vacuum cleaners were developed. They can be worn on your back and you can easily move around the house with them. While most homemakers swear by these backpack vacuum cleaners, most don’t know which one to buy. Let’s compare the best backpack cleaners to see which one is the best for you.

Over the years we have compiled a list of common questions that customers ask when they are looking to purchase a Pacvac. We hope the answers to these questions will assist you with your purchase.

You must be looking out for a reliable and durable backpack vacuum cleaner for your commercial space. There are two strong contenders – the Pacvac Superpro 700 and the Pullman PV14BE, backpack vacuum cleaners.

A back pack vacuum is an effective way to clean your floors, carpets and upholstery.

Are you in need of a vacuum cleaner that will make cleaning easier at your commercial space? Select the The Pacvac Superpro 700 backpack vacuum!

It is a dependable machine that will make cleaning or vacuuming a child’s play. It is a product that offers a brilliant 4-stage filtration process and has a large 5-litre capacity.

See how he pacvac superpro 700 backpack vacuum cleaner compares against it's competitors.

The Superpro 700 Series is efficient, durable and is the result of over 30 years of innovative design and development, making them the Australian cleaning industry’s first choice in back pack vacuum cleaners. Their performance is also matched by their comfort. The Superpro 700 Series is fitted with a world standard ergonomically designed harness, HEPA rated Hypercone™ filtration and provides cleaners with an effortless and healthy cleaning experience.

ELKA bin liners and garbage bags are manufactured to suit a wide variety of environments from small waste bins in offices,
kitchens and schools to heavy weight operations in restaurants, clubs, hotels and councils. ELKA bags are manufactured from 
90+% virgin material making them strong & durable yet extremely economical.


Mopping is a tedious chore. However, it must be done regularly in order to ensure that your floors stay clean and safe to walk on. While you may have mopped a floor before, there is a right way to do and a wrong way. Here are some tips for proper floor mopping so that you can get the best results.

See the ELKA 75L heavy duty garbage bag in action. It is so strong it will make you jump...jump

Employee accidents and injuries can cause major headaches for an employer. In addition to the temporary losses in productivity, the incident can also result in a lawsuit from the employee or customer. While the safety practices that workers are trained in can prevent most problems, slip and fall injuries is one area that is often overlooked or simply forgotten as common sense. However, employers need to pay attention to the dangers that slip and fall accidents as they are among the top causes of on the job injuries for Australian workers. Here is why having proper cleaning signage at your business is important.

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